Hull & Machinery insurances

  • Ship Insurance and River Boats

The owners’ business requires heavy investment for both artisans and fleets. The risk must be mastered for the protection of the business assets, as well as the specificity and continuity of operations.

Technical and legal environment evolves according to the areas of operation and the nature of transport. The use of coinsurance and reinsurance brings significant capabilities. Our partners insurers are among the largest in Europe and their good reputation is worldwide.

Prevention engaged on the risk of navigation is critical in order to maintain a reasonable cost of insurance. This principle applies to freight units, ships and service units. Our prevention is the study of the legal context of insured units and monitoring of units.

SFA is a partner in the development of SECURITY FREIGHT ACTION (SEFRAC) operating an international patent for satellite monitoring.

  • Hull Construction Insurance

The activity of a shipyard is to build and repair ship based on the specifications defined by the owner: Traditionally, it is the owner who insures his property. However, the hshipyard may also have an interest in insuring.

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