P&I cover, and professional liabilities

The choice of P & I Clubs should be performed according to the reality of the risk. Clubs of the International Group have the advantage of higher equity at USD 1 billion but is it necessary to maintain such a guarantee for low risk companies? Reflection with the insured, and in correlation with the legal provisions in force, should help make the right choice.

For less exposed operations, a more modest guarantee enough and the choice of a Professional Liability policy may be best suited.

We may, among other things, advise you to ensure the following responsibilities:

  • Owner’s liability
  • Liability for Cargo Carriers
  • Liability for passengers Carrier
  • Assistance – Salvage -Wreck removal
  • Charterer’s Liability
  • Transport Organizers Liability
  • Storage Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Hull Construction Liability
  • Liability arising from event organization

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